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The educational specialists and principals of Lersun Development, Inc. work closely with our partner company SchoolBranch, Inc. SchoolBranch is an educational software platform that combines quality educational software with the power of social networking sites. This serves as a platform for many of the current and planned Lersun products. For more information:

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What We Offer

Internet Safety Instruction -- Online

Lersun Development provides electronic, time/dated documentation of student participation in online lessons that effectively teach:

  • Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety
  • Responsible use of social networking
  • Bullying, cyber bullying and what to do


  • Credibility of internet resources
  • Ethical/social responsibility
  • Acceptable Use Agreement sign off

Google Apps for Education: If your district uses Google Apps for Education, we offer a sign in feature that will allow students and staff to use their Google accounts to login to our services.

What We Believe

At Lersun Development, we believe that schools MUST teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to be safe online, to recognize and handle bullying and cyber bullying, and to develop safe and appropriate personal behaviors when using social networking and online resources.

The best way for educators and parents to be sure all students have the fundamentals of online safety, including what to do about bullying and cyber bullying, is to provide the instruction online, not dependent on the interest and skills of the individual classroom teacher.

AUP online, Acceptable Use Policy instructional program for K-12 students provided by Lersun Development, gives school districts efficient and cost effective instruction WITH automatic electronic time/dated documentation of individual student participation.

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