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The educational specialists and principals of Lersun Development, Inc. work closely with our partner company SchoolBranch, Inc. SchoolBranch is an educational software platform that combines quality educational software with the power of social networking sites. This serves as a platform for many of the current and planned Lersun products. For more information:

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How do we compare to alternative products?

They offer lesson plans for teachers to implement
Teachers must have the skills and willingness to do lessons in their classrooms

AUP online provides pedagogically sound teaching online
We are not depending on teachers to down load lesson plans, having the skills to teach the lessons, and taking classroom time to implement the lessons with their students. 

They provide levels of service, each with a price tag. 
You can purchase the AUP sign off, the documentation of lessons downloaded and videos that may be used by teachers in class

AUP online has EVERYTHING included in one low price

  • Lessons are online for students and parents can see them at home,
  • The student  AUP document is imbedded into the instructional program
  • Compliance documentation is electronic and automatic
  • A variety of administrative reports are available
  • ALL for 50 cents per student!!

MOST OF ALL, with AUP ONLINE you can be CONFIDENT that good instruction is taking place in your classrooms, students are learning important internet safety skills and you will AUTOMATICALLY GET  REPORTS YOU NEED TO SATISFY COMPLIANCE.


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