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The educational specialists and principals of Lersun Development, Inc. work closely with our partner company SchoolBranch, Inc. SchoolBranch is an educational software platform that combines quality educational software with the power of social networking sites. This serves as a platform for many of the current and planned Lersun products. For more information:

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AUP online provides automatic, electronic, time/dated participation reports by student, by school, by district

The CIPA amendment effective July 1 2012 requires that school districts have a board approved policy that includes  "... educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response.”

While the wording of the CIPA mandate for instruction does not specifically mention documentation, there are several reasons that documentation is both wise and needed.

  • Failure to adopt a policy, to implement that policy, and document compliance can jeopardize a district's E-Rate funding. As we know, E-Rate audits cover all mandates including this one. 
  • In the event of an incident with a student on the internet, this federal mandate places a new and additional burden on districts to demonstrate safety instruction.  Risk managers see a failure to provide proof of the mandated instruction as potentially presenting serious financial and community consequences to the school district.

In summary, it is critical that E-Rate school districts

  • adopt the policy,
  • implement the instructional programs
  • document compliance. 

AUP online is a solution to the E-Rate audit and risk management issues related to students’ online behaviors.

The program provides high quality, grade level appropriate, not teacher dependent, inexpensive training, with time-dated reports of individual student participation, thus giving districts consistent and reliable documentation in case of audit and litigation.