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The educational specialists and principals of Lersun Development, Inc. work closely with our partner company SchoolBranch, Inc. SchoolBranch is an educational software platform that combines quality educational software with the power of social networking sites. This serves as a platform for many of the current and planned Lersun products. For more information:

Sammy Smart




Cyber Sam


The Technology

The program is based in Flash which allows professional level animation and the immersive interactive elements. Any device that supports the Adobe Flash player can use AUP online. This includes Windows Computers, Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Mac Computers and Flash-compatible phones and tablets. The system also integrates with Google for single sign on if your school or district uses Google Apps for Education as well as Classlink for single sign on.

All communication between application and server is encrypted using industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The server itself is protected by both operating system and router-level packet filtering.

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